Frank's Family Tree


The Thomas Tree


This Thomas line only follows the direct male descendants. Much of this information has been obtained from “unverified” sources of “good intention” but cannot be relied upon as completely accurate. Even some of the information gleaned from peoples “Ancestry” information we have researched and found to be questionable!


Descendants of children of Frank will be listed in seperate trees as there is not enough room on one page. Information other than names and year of birth on these trees, although public domain information, will only be published if the person is in agreement. Please excuse the lack of continunity in the text colour!


Mary Swain had 12 children. Philadelphia had 11 children. Mary Roots had 10 children. Hannah had 8 children. Mercy had 3 children. Kate had 1 child. Nellie had 6 children.



          Richard Thomas                              Mary Beney

          1676                                                   1680

          Married 1701


          John Thomas                                   Mary Swain

          1705                                                   1730

          Married at Battle 29/9/1749



          Richard Thomas                              Philadelphia Philcox

          1760 – 1824                                      1757 – 1846

          Married 29/7/1781


          William Thomas                               Mary Roots

          1785                                                   1784



          Henry Thomas                                  Hannah Page

          1816 – 1895                                      1831



          Trayton Thomas                               Mercy Ashdown

          1858 – 1897                                    1865 – 1944



          Archibald Thomas                           Kate Pratt

          1891 – 1969                                      1891 – 1925



          Frank Thomas                                  Nellie Cottingham

          1921 – 2011                                      1923

          Married 25/10/1945


William Thomas (born 1785) is thought to have died in 1865, he was married in 1809.. Although Hannah Page is said to have had 8 children, on studying the census results it is possible that two of the children may be Hannah's siblings as they have the surname Page. Hannah would also have only been 14 when the first of the "Page" children were born, although this is not impossible it is improbable in my opinion.




Tree of Frank and Nellie's children. 



 Michael Paul Thomas b 1955, single. Marion Frances b 2/11/1957, d 21/11/1957. Details of other individuals are contained below in their Family Trees.


The Tree below shows the Thomas / McCallion line from Frank's daughter Helen Ruth.




 Trees following Helen's children are below.

The Tree below shows the Thomas / Timms Line from Frank's daughter Barbara Mary.





The Tree below shows the Thomas / Thomas line from Frank's son David William.


The Tree below shows the Thomas / Thomas line from Frank's son Richard John.





The Tree below shows the Thomas / McCallion line of Shaun.



 The Tree below shows the Thomas / McCallion line of Deborah



The Tree below shows the Thomas / McCallion line of Katherine.






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